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Monday, April 18, 2016
Review of “Cloud” album by Cyndi Cresswell Cook
I really enjoyed listening to this album. There is a little bit of everything in this one but more on the rocky side which is totally awesome. Reminded me of the band Garbage from the 90’s a little. I really love the song “Pre-Op Momma.” It had a 50’s vibe to it, which is awesome because I grew up to 50’s music. I really love this song, awesome music, lyrics and def love the back up vocals. So check out Cyndi’s music here and def check out her new album “Cloud” available on CD Baby and I-tunes.


Cyndi Cresswell Cook: “Zombie Wonderland” – drives and swoops, undulates and screams!

Rick Jamm

Cyndi Cresswell Cook’s music could typically be labeled alternative rock or simply rock. In truth Cyndi’s music is neither; her music has its own genre, earmarked by poetry, passion, keyboards, guitars and percussion, used to create an entity that stands apart. As a poet, Cook’s writings can be abstract and difficult to connect with, but when formed into song, the spirit and passion behind them is evident enough to make the listener understand what she wants to communicate, and the vitality of her message.

Pre Op Mama in Striped Pajamas

I Like This: Cyndi Cresswell Cook (Again)

If you’re into Courtney Barnett, Liz Phair, Tracey Bonham and other singers with a sense of humour, you should look into Cyndi Cresswell Cook. She’s bent–but in a good way. Who would write a song with a title like this?


Journal of Musical Things

Alan Cross

A Halloween Christmas Song? Yes. “Zombie Wonderland”

Give it up for Cindy Cresswell Cook who has successfully combined zombie culture, Halloween and Christmas. Pass this around, Walking Dead…


Cyndi could even be known as an Avant-guard beat-style poet. Her songs are a collection that slaps the listener from explosive rampancy, like on “Placebo Effect” to lotus-like lyricism on “Would You Tune my Air Guitar” and then back again. “Zombie Wonderland” pounds rhythmically, while the lyrics alone are enough to transport one into another state of mind. The guitar-laden music drives and swoops, undulates and screams, while Cyndi comforts and terrorizes between the sacred and the depraved spirit, the hungering body and the soaring heart.


Cyndi Creswell Cook’s four octave voice wails, wallows and engulfs – a soft vibrato making itself known during quieter moments while her primal growl dominates through her up-tempo numbers. Cyndi’s video performances, creatively produced by Keep The Edge Studios, serve as proof that when performing, she really is transported to another place, one the listener can easily get sucked into, be it during the driving chant of “Zombie Wonderland” or the slow burn of “Cloud” which both paint an intensely vivid picture through narrative.