There’s nothing better than a bright combination of pop music with a good dash of humor and if you agree on this than look no further than the brightest star ever to arise from the quiet little town of Hanover, Mass.  We’re speaking of the immensely talented singer/songwriter and one-time stand up comic, Cyndi Cresswell Cook!
Gifted with an expressive face and an even more expressive voice, Cyndi and her songs recalls the light humorous efforts of Cyndi Lauper and Julie Brown.  With a funky style and an ear for catchy tunes, Cyndi has something to offer anyone.
Her surreal Zombie Wonderland, happily reminds us that the X-Mas holiday is for everyone, even the Walking Dead! One would be certain that even Daryl Dixon would agree that’s something to smile about for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.
Cyndi brings real soul to her Would You Tune My Air Guitar?  Joined with a talented combo band of musicians with their invisible instruments, Cyndi tells a tale of longing and promise that clearly demonstrates a flair for the dramatic.
Meds has a great hippy, dippy beat that explores the possibilities of co-dependency and medication therapy.  Maybe mixing your meds has some advantages, huh?
Drivers Ed is a fan favorite Cyndi song.  Starting with a snappy rock-a-billy guitar lick, it soon proceeds to a driving sing-along about the hazards of being a drivers education teacher in a world of hapless, clueless students.  This song reminds you of the comic songsters from some of our teenage years, like Da Yoopers of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  A band most famous for their Rusty Chevrolet song, a tune often heard on old radio Dr. Demento show.
Take a look at her inventive musical videos (Keep The Edge Studios’ productions).  It’s always great to see a great talent at their promising start and we’re sure you’ll agree when you see Cyndi perform!